Eco-terrorist risen from the dead. I am NoFuneral.

Nice. I'm a "renegade scourge". Part of "the Forsaken".

Oh look at that. My first snag. Forgot to disable addons....

Talk about your anti-climactic openers. The evil introduction cinematic voice just finished saying how I would need to destroy any and all who stand in my way and there stands my first foe; the tangled web of addons I forgot to turn off.

A quick log out to turn those off and I'm back in the game.

Hmm... another snag. It seems that Undertaker Mordo doesn't respond to being clicked. Well, that's not entirely true. He does say things like "And you are?" "I'm listening." "I am not amused." "ARE YOU INSANE?" "Do not tempt my wrath." "I grow weary of this." (ug, so do I!) "I'm starting to hate you." "Speak quickly." "Hello mmmmm." "What is it?"

Eureka! Right-clicking makes him respond to me with a task.

I venture downwards to what appears to be the ruins of a town. Inside a church is a yellowish "?" over someone's head. Ah, perfect, quest done. And a new quest which involves some killing. These Forsaken get right down to business.

So as a Warlock I start out with three abilities. Shadow Bolt, which is the only one that does any damage, Demon Skin which gives me more armor and more generated health, and Cannibalize which let's me do exactly what you would expect a zombie to do: eat people.

Pretty sweet.

Fight, fight fight. Bam, level two. The game suggests visiting my class trainer. I'm assuming that means the Warlock trainer. I head over to the Warlock trainer to find that I can train two new spells. Rats, I can't afford the "Summon Imp" spell, which seems kinda cool as it would summon a monster. Seems like Warlocks might be something like a "Caller" in the Final Fantasy IV terminology. I was able to afford "Immolate" which is my second damaging spell.

On my way back out to work on my first quest, I pick up my second quest. The first quest just seemed like a personal vendetta quest. "Go kill things that represent what we want to avoid being." Not surprising to get an order like that from someone in a church.... This second quest actually makes a bit more sense. We need supplies, go get supplies, I'll give you some armor for your trouble. Works for me.

Fight, fight ,fight. What's this? A robe on a gigantic bat I just killed. I guess I'll file that under the category "sometimes things are just magic."

My killing spree continues for a bit until I've gathered all the necessary materials. I turn in a few quests, and finally the dialogue starts getting interesting. It turns out that my Warlock trainer, Maximillion, is suggesting that though we are no longer slaves to the Lich King we are essentially still "slaves" in doing Sylvanas's bidding. He's hinting at being something more than just a lackey. This is where the RPer in me gets into it. I totally hate being the little guy. I want to be in charge. I wanna choose my own path. There are still some "go here, do that and kill this" quests but I'm eager to see what else comes of Maximillion's words.

After selling some random junk provided to me by the magic that is animals wearing armor, I can finally afford to buy the Summon Imp spell.

Nalgup. Little dude's name is "Nalgup".

He's got his own little spell bar too. Nice.

In heading north to the camp where I must slay Samuel Fipps, the undead husband whose widow's dying request was to have him buried with her, I notice a few other zombies walking around where he's meandering.

One of them is named "Daniel Ulfman". One has to wonder if there is a Forsaken Simpson's television show theme song....

There's a quest that takes you into a gold mine that has been over-run by big spiders. Really big cool looking spiders. The move around all creepy-like too. Pretty sweet. Time to set them on fire and blast them into oblivion.

When I return to town to train some new spells I get a quest that's really up my alley RP-wise. Executor Arren, the one that sent me into the spider-filled mines, now wants me to get some Scarlet Crusade armbands. Apparently they are seeking to destroy all undead. A Forsaken mortal enemy? Not for long...

"You're the most qualified person I have to send." Feels nice to have my hard work recognized.

Upon completing my missions against the Scarlet Crusade, I am entrusted to deliver important documents to a city called "Brill".

So far I'm liking the direction my character is going. He's recently been freed from oppression, and taking steps to insure that he's never oppressed again. He's contributing to a recycling program (the quests that have to gather discarded supplies to be re-used) where the Deathknell Redemption Value is armor pieces. He's helping fulfill a wife's dying plea. Most importantly, I'm taking a direct and deadly stand against those that would work to rid me of my freedom. To rid others of their freedom. This is something very few people get to do in real life. Pretty empowering.

As far as storyline goes, it's not that riveting when compared to RPGs that I've played before. There is definitely a very D&D feel to the story. I'm working against something much larger than I can possibly imagine. My true contribution awaits me, somewhere down the line.

[Total time played: 0 days, 1 hour, 41 minutes, 14 seconds]


World of Warlock

In these, the final days before the inevitable Cataclysm, I have decided to do something completely unoriginal in an original (I hope!) way.

I have decided to level an alt.

On a new server.

An RP (roleplaying) server.

This will be a new experience for me. I will try to seek out some RP experiences I suppose. Be be honest, I'm not sure how much RPing goes on in these servers. I'm also not sure if I will enjoy it. I certainly used to RP back in the days with D&D. No LARPing (Live action roleplaying) or anything, but I would privately make the characters personal and derive a story for them etc. We'll see how it goes.

The other thing, which by now might be quite obvious, is I intend to keep a weblog (blog in lay man's terms) of my experiences. I'm hoping to read ALL quest info which is something I have never done. I also want to try and look at the game as a beginner with no help might look at it. Instead of just knowing that I can queue for random battlegrounds and that holiday weekends give super extra experience, I want to see how easy it is to come by this information, and if Blizzard has built this info into the game.

Here goes nothing.